5 days 4 nights

The most popular tours 5days 4nights, Phnon Penh Capital city and Siem Reap angkor Wat Temples tours, It's a very attraction package tour and enjoy-full.

8Days 7Nights

Tours Route : SiemReap Helicopter-AngkorWat-Local people Monk Blessing-Sihanoukville Beach-and boat to Koh Rong Island-PhnoPenh City and departure home

9Days Nights

To visit the glorious sights of Siem Reap, Battambang, and Phnom Penh in this nine-day tour. Spend an entire day visiting the famous Angkor temples complex and take in one the finest religious monuments in the world.


We enjoining our trip around Temples with TPS, great itinerary, great service, knowledgeable guides, always ready to help us to do this trip unforgettable.
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